A collection about 100 volumes of books by and about Matthew Flinders and his associates dating from around 1800.

The collection also houses serial issues, microfilm of manuscripts, a collection of journal articles, newspaper clippings, photographs, memorabilia and ephemera.

The collection is catalogued and items can be found through FindIt@Flinders:

Access to these items must be under the supervision of the Special Collections Librarian (General conditions of access).

Special items are:-

  •     2 hand engraved goblets
  •     1 manuscript letter from Matthew Flinders to his wife
  •     1 autographed lithograph
  •     3 flower paintings by Ann Flinders.
  •     The Official Matthew Flinders Bicentennary Medallic Commemorative Cover 1774-1974

Finding lists, indexes
For ease of browsing, non-book items are given call numbers according to the following scheme:

EPH. 1001-1799
Whole publications

EPH. 1801-1999
Whole publications (large)

EPH. 2001-2999
Ephemera (including stamps)

EPH. 3001-3999
Audio-Visual material

EPH. 4001-4999
Realia (including coins)

EPH. 5001-5999

EPH. 6001-6999
Posters and large pictures

EPH. 7001-8999
Journal and magazine articles, including Flinders' own works.

EPH. 9001-9499
Press clippings

EPH. 9501-9999
Press clippings (large) and newspapers.

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Material provided by Witgar Hitchcock, great-great-great nephew of Matthew Flinders, including extracts from Flinders' writings and those of his daughter, Anne.