The Heritage and Tourism Collection began in 2009 with material donated by Lyn Leader-Elliott, relating to cultural and heritage tourism. These items include brochures, maps, government reports and planning documents. The material is mainly Australian but includes some items from overseas countries, mainly the UK, Canada and the USA. Topics include sustainable tourism, heritage management and interpretation and tourism strategic planning. The collection also ontains books and brochures on local history and tourism in the Barossa region of South Australia.

Since 2009 the collection has grown with significant donations from individuals such as Maggy Ragless (Mitcham Heritage Research Centre), and Professor Jane James, who retired as Professor of Tourism in March 2012.

Lyn Leader-Elliott joined Flinders University as a Lecturer in Cultural Tourism in 2000, and enjoyed her 9 years teaching and researching in the areas of cultural heritage and tourism. Lyn’s working life has been varied. In the 1970s she worked for the State and Federal governments in policy and program areas concerned with urban and regional development, and community development. After a stint with The Age in Melbourne, she moved to the Barossa in 1985 with her family. Here she became involved in regional tourism and the connections between tourism, heritage and community. Through most of the 1990s she ran her own consultancy business specialising in cultural heritage and tourism. At the end of 2009 Lyn retired from Flinders and continues to research and write in these areas.

The collection is still undergoing indexing, but a preliminary list is available here