The collection, donated by the National Institute of Labour Studies, contains archival files of records from various Australian trades unions and employers' organizations. Included are extensive files of minutes, correspondence and pamphlets from organizations in various Australian states. 


Items can be found by searching within the NILS Collection in FindIt@Flinders:

Conditions of access

The collection is available to all bona fide scholars who meet conditions of access as determined by the Director of the National Institute of Labour Studies on the advice of the Executive Committee of the National Institute of Labour Studies.
Applicants must sign for the materials they use. Photocopying may be allowed. The prior approval of the Director is required. Photocopying will be at a price higher than that holding for the self-service machines, so that allowance can be made for the staff time involved. All copying will be done by Library staff and if necessary delivery dates for completed work will be quoted.


Persons wishing to use materials must make formal written application to the Director of the National Institute of Labour Studies. Enough information must be provided to enable the Director to determine the purpose of the application and the particular materials to which access is sought. The applicant wil be advised of the Director's decision, and a copy will be sent to the University Librarian. A successful applicant will be told any particular conditions under which access to the Collection has been granted, which will include that the applicant will observe the provisions of the Copyright Act and will acknowledge use made of the papers in any publication. The University Librarian will receive a copy of the particular conditions of access attaching to each user.

Click here to access the Brief Guide to the Archives, prepared in 1985.