Fridays at the Library

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Eric Blair, alias George Orwell, the Flinders University Library hosted a day of readings and discussion in the Noel Stockdale Room, Central Library on Friday, 17th October 2003.

Orwell’s legacy to the world is wide-ranging and controversial in many ways. He is renowned to politicians and historians for his firmly-held but not orthodox political beliefs. To scholars of literature, his writing is a model of clear and persuasive prose. And he has given our language many unforgettable words and phrases such as ‘Newspeak’ and ‘Big Brother is watching’.

The program began with a screening of the 1955 film of Animal Farm, accompanied by some other short film extracts, with commentary by Flinders politics lecturer Richard DeAngelis. This was followed by a panel discussion with Dr DeAngelis, Dr David Lockwood (History) and Mr Humphrey Tranter, former English lecturer.

In the afternoon several speakers discussed Orwell’s place in politics, history and literature. Following afternoon tea, the program finished with a series of readings from Orwell’s essays and novels.

Some of the papers are available online.

See the program for full details.

The Fridays at the Library series is presented by Flinders University Library with the assistance of

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