Reece Jennings Collection

Reece Jennings became involved with Convocation (Alumni) on the completion of his PhD and was involved with the creation of the Alumni Association. He was elected by the Executive Committee of Convocation to the Flinders University Council in October 1990 and was a Council member for a four year term. Material includes official and personal correspondence with Council members, the Registry, and other University staff. It also includes Council minutes, Alumni and Convocation information, University publications, Council broadsheets, invitations, programmes, and information about University positions decided by Council.

Council material consists of Reece Jennings' personal papers from the time he became a member of the Flinders University Convocation through his time as a Flinders University Council Member (1990-1994).

There are research materials and draft copies of Reece Jennings' PhD thesis entitled The Introduction and evolution of safeworking systems on the South Australian railways, 1854-1986. Reece Jennings was a medical practitioner who had worked for the South Australian railways before taking his medical degree.

General conditions of access apply, with the exception of some Council papers that are clearly stated as embargoed until 2030.

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