This collection was donated to the library by Mrs Lesley Bray in June 2000. The collection had belonged to her husband, Allan Bray (1937-1998). Mr Bray had been a keen science fiction collector, as well as an amateur theatre director.

There are approximately 330 feet of books, mostly paperbacks, shelved in alphabetical order by author, and 93 feet of periodicals. They date from the 1930s to the 1990s. 

Parts of the collection, including all the periodicals, have been catalogued and can be found by searching within the Allan Bray Science Fiction Collection in Findit@Flinders:

The periodicals include long runs of titles such as:

  • Analog
  • Astounding science fiction
  • Authentic science fiction
  • Beyond fantasy fiction
  • Fantastic stories of imagination
  • Fantasy and science fiction
  • Galaxy
  • If
  • magination
  • Nebula science fiction
  • New world science fiction
  • Science fantasy
  • Science fiction adventures

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