Policy on Exhibitions by Non-Library Organisations

Members of the University community and external organisations may mount exhibitions which support the cultural and intellectual life of the University in suitable areas of the Library and its branches (including the Noel Stockdale Room and the Central Library foyer), subject to the following conditions:

  1. Requests to hold an exhibition in the Library should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian or the relevant Branch Librarian, and a booking may be arranged for a period convenient to the Library. Priority may be given to exhibitions organised by the Library. The University Librarian retains the right to determine the suitability of any exhibition (or any item in an exhibition) to be included in the Library's exhibition program.
  2. The exhibition should be set up as expeditiously as practicable, without impeding patrons' access to and use of the Library either during the setting up or while the exhibition is running, and with due regard for the safety of library patrons and staff. The University Librarian reserves the right to rearrange or remove exhibitions if necessary.
  3. For exhibitions in the Library foyer, the display cases already in the foyer should be used if possible. The keys to the display cases are available from the Special Collections Librarian. If the Library’s display cases are not used, the exhibitor may request the Library’s assistance at a convenient time to move them to an appropriate storage area in the Library.
  4. Material may not be attached directly to the interior of the foyer with pins or adhesives of any kind, and care must be taken not to mark or damage the walls or windows.
  5. The exhibitor is responsible for all work involved in mounting the exhibition, and will provide all supplies, fasteners etc. needed to mount the display.
  6. All items are displayed at the exhibitor’s own risk. Insurance, if required, is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors should note that the Library display areas are public places and there are periods when there will be minimal or no supervision. Exhibitors should exercise extreme care before deciding to display valuable items even in locked display cases.
  7. The exhibitor must include in a prominent position the name of the organisation responsible for the exhibition, and must provide the Library with contact details of a person to whom enquiries may be directed.

Ian McBain

University Librarian

March 2007

Please direct enquiries to Veronica Ghee