Food and Drink Guidelines

The Library’s aim in trying to manage food and drink is to maintain an environment that is conducive to study. This involves a concern for both the immediate comfort of users and the long term maintenance of the fabric of the buildings and the collection.

Things that are acceptable

Drinks in covered containers that will prevent spillage when they are carried.
For example water and other drinks in containers with screw lids, coffee in cups with lids or cans of soft drink.
Snack foods such as crisps, chocolates and biscuits, sandwiches and cakes and other bakery goods are acceptable.
Food sold at OneByte is acceptable.

Things that are not acceptable

Drinks in open containers, for example open cups of coffee.
Alcohol in any form.
Hot messy food such as chips, pizza, noodles etc.

These guidelines do not apply in the Special Collections Unit where food and drink are not permitted.