The Noel Stockdale Room on Level 1 of the Central Library is available for meetings of Flinders Library staff groups or committees, other Flinders University groups or University sponsored seminars, conferences and events. 

The room may be booked for events and one-off sessions. You are advised to check the University room bookings page to check the availability of the Noel Stockdale Room on specific dates.


  1. The room is available for bookings from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 8.30pm during Library staffed opening hours. Enquiries and bookings should be made through the room booking form. The room booking form must be completed to comply with Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements.
  2. Keys to both the Noel Stockdale Room and the adjoining kitchen should be borrowed from the Library Information Desk on level 1 of the Central Library using a current Flinders borrowing card.
  3. The data projector, PA system and DVD/CD player are available for use by non-library groups. 
  4. The Library is not able to offer technical support for use of the equipment and extra equipment is not available. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL EQUIPMENT BE TURNED OFF AFTER USE.
  5. If the furniture is rearranged it must be restored to its standard configuration, as per the attached floor plan.
  6. An event safety notice is available on the wall at the back of the room. Please read this in case of an emergency and/or evacuation. For afterhours emergencies call Security on extension 12880.
  7. The attached kitchen is available for use by any group. Any food brought into the room must comply with the Library’s food policy. Hot or messy food is not permitted. The Library is not able to provide supplies or staff. A permit to consume alcohol on University premises must be obtained in advance if the event is to involve the serving of alcohol. The kitchen must be left clean, all library crockery and cutlery washed and put away, and all left-over food and drink removed. Rubbish must be placed in the bins or in rubbish bags left beside the bins. No library property is to be removed from the kitchen. Please report breakages or equipment malfunctions to or call 1300 354 633 (select 3 for Library).
  8. The grand piano in the Noel Stockdale Room is to be used only for performances and events (and practice/rehearsals for such events). Written permission from the University's Music Advisory Committee to play the grand piano is to be forwarded to at the time when a booking is made for the Noel Stockdale Room.
  9. No charges will be made for the use of the room.
  10. Please note that failure to follow these guidelines may result in denial of future bookings.


  • 56 chairs
  • 6 fold ‘n’ store tables
  • large projector screen
  • 1 desktop computer
  • ceiling-mounted data projector lectern
  • PA system and digital recorder
  • CD/DVD player
  • kitchen with fridge, dishwasher and instant hot water dispenser cups, saucers and teaspoons
  • wine glasses and tumblers
  • a variety of platters and serving dishes