We encourage Flinders University staff and students to recommend an item for purchase.

The Library will consider your request based on a range of criteria including content, format, cost and availability.

All materials purchased by the Library need to support the teaching, learning and/or research needs of the University.

The Library’s preference is to buy ebooks.

We choose ebooks that offer the most suitable format and conditions that benefit most library users.

This means we choose ebooks that are:

  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Without or with minimal Digital Rights Management Software
  • Able to be used with a web browser and no additional software
  • Allow unlimited Flinders users at once 

Possible Exceptions

  • Teaching, learning and research preference
    We understand that sometimes the print is preferred for teaching, learning or research purposes. If you have a specific recommendation for the print book, please indicate this in the additional comments section in the Recommend an item for Purchase.
  • Textbooks
    Many textbooks are not available in ebook format for institutional purchase or subscription. For those that are available the pricing or user limits are often high or much stricter. We will select from the best available options, which may include print for prescribed texts.

The Library will always seek a balance between the cost of a resource and the benefits to students and staff.

When the Library selects recommendations for purchase, we will take into account timelines for making material available to users. This means reviewing ordering and processing times for ebooks and shipping times for print.

More about eBooks

  • Advantages of eBooks
    eBooks enable the significant advantages of 24/7, remote and multi-user access; the ability to utilise search functionality, portability of the resource on mobile devices, note taking, highlighting functions and many other interactive features such as video clips, external links etc. In addition, the purchase of a title as an ebook often means we can provide access very quickly.
  • Models and Availability of eBooks
    There are many models of ebooks on the global market. Publishers and providers make these resources available in various ways and with different features, for example:
  • by purchase or subscription
  • compatibility with a range of devices
  • with or without Digital Rights Management software to prevent copying or redistribution
  • use with a web browser or with specialised software
  • for one or multiple concurrent users

A good summary of the complexity in choosing ebook models for library use may be found here.