Thesis Collection

See the Thesis information libguide for comprehensive information about theses at Flinders. 

Higher Degree Theses (Ph.D. and Masters) from Flinders University are held by the Library pursuant to University Regulations (see Rules for Higher Degree Theses)

For queries about formatting theses pursuant to the Rules, contact the Special Collections Librarian.

Many Honours theses are also held in Special Collections.

Since 2005 the University has accepted second copies of Higher Degree Theses electronically in the Digital Thesis Collection. 

Digital Thesis Collection

Flinders University maintains a digital repository for research higher degree theses produced by its students. The full text of theses uploaded by graduating students are made available on open access via the library web site and are freely searchable via the National Library's Trove and Google Scholar.

The advantages of open access to Australian theses include:

• The research has a global audience, and students gain world wide exposure and recognition
• More immediate access to research findings is available
• Access is independent of time, place and computer system/platform
• Theses are protected from physical damage or loss

Searching for theses

Thesis Preparation

Depositing your thesis

At the conclusion of the examination of your thesis you are invited to deposit a copy of your thesis in digital format to the national database of theses. If you are interested in participating in this project, you will be required to convert your existing word-processor or other files into the appropriate standard format for the project. The standard format for theses on the web is PDF (Adobe – Portable Document Format).

When creating the PDF files you will need to conform to the approved filename standard.

There are no costs involved in making your thesis available to a global audience. If you submit an electronic copy of your thesis to the library, under University Regulations you only need to submit one bound copy. If you choose not to submit an electronic copy, the Library still requires two bound copies pursuant to clause 12 of the Rules for Higher Degree Theses . You may choose to restrict your digital thesis to Flinders campus access only, or you may restrict all access for a period up to 36 months.

File naming instructions
How to save and name your files.
Deposit Form
Submit your thesis. (Please follow the file naming instructions above)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Further enquiries regarding electronic theses should be directed to Special Collections (08) 8201 5238.

Conditions of Access

Higher Degree Theses (Ph.D. and Masters)

The Thesis Collection is held by the Library pursuant to Clause 12 of the Rules for Higher Degree Theses which requires that "When a thesis is accepted for the award of a degree, two copies shall be lodged by the Faculty Registrar in the Library and one copy shall not be available for loan. ... The second copy must be available for loan to approved borrowers on demand. The two copies lodged in the Library will be paper copies or, with the prior approval of the Librarian, the second copy may be lodged in electronic format, in which case it will be available to be accessed through the Australian Digital Thesis Program."

Clause 13 of the regulations provides for restrictions on access to print copies of  Higher Degree theses for 3 years after the award of the degree. These restrictions include a ban on all copying, and on consultation by anyone other than Flinders University staff and students, except with the written permission of the author, the Head of Department, or the Librarian. In practice this is interpreted as a ban on all loans. These restrictions may be waived by the author in writing (see Clause 14).

The arrangements for restrictions on access to print copies of theses are quite separate to those on digital copies as described above.

Honours Theses

Honours theses are not covered by the Rules for Higher Degree Theses. When Honours Theses are held in the Thesis Collection, however, the same loan conditions apply as to Higher Degree Theses, that is, one copy is not available for loan, while the second copy (if any) is available for loan and is located in the general collection. The same 3-year restrictions on access may be placed on Honours Theses if the author specifically requests this in writing.
Thesis Loans

Where theses are available for loan, the loan period is generally four weeks. Theses available for loan are shelved in the general collection. Please note the location for individual items.

Please contact the Special Collections Librarian for more information.

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