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This series comprises previously unpublished documents and papers held in the Library's extensive collections, as well as reference and bibliographic works written or compiled by University staff.

No. 1 Note-taking and Research Methods
A comparative study of the research methods of scholars from various disciplines: Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sidney & Beatrice Webb, C.E.W. Bean, Abraham Maslow, Manning Clark, C. Wright Mills, Jeremy Boissevain & Dean Jaensch. The author, Craig Brittain, is a Liaison Librarian at Flinders University.
No. 2 A Bibliography of Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia'
This bibliography, the second issue of the Flinders Library Publication Series, records Australian literary responses to Asia from the beginnings of the colony up to 1995. Poetry, short-stories, novels and plays are all included and arranged according to country.
Useful to students of Australian literature, history and culture, the bibliography is a tool to guide the reader through impressions of Asia through Australian eyes. The authors, Dr Lyn Jacobs and Rick Hosking, currently teach Australian Studies and English at the Flinders University. Copies are priced at A$14.95, including postage and handling.

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