2010 Past Exams

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Semester 1

Topic CodeSubject
BIOL2201 pdfIntroductory Ecotourism
BIOL3131 pdfDNA to Genomics
BTEC2620 pdfLegal Ethical and Social Aspects of Biotechnology
BUSN1001 pdfAccounting principles
BUSN1006 pdfMarketing the Consumer Focus
BUSN2002 pdfCommercial Bank Management and Operation
BUSN2008 pdfFinancial Markets
BUSN2011 pdfInternational Trade Policy
BUSN2018 pdfCorporations Law
BUSN3012 pdfInternational Finance
BUSN3018 pdfMarketing Research for Business
BUSN9220 pdfSpecial Masters Topic in International Business A
COMP1101 pdfInformation Communication Technology 1A
COMP1111 pdfInformation Technology Applications
COMP1301 pdfInformation Systems in Business
COMP2006 pdfSoftware Engineering 1
COMP3251 pdfInteractive Computer Systems
COMP8006 pdfSoftware Engineering 1 G E
CPES3006 pdfOrganic Chemistry 3
CRIM3001 pdfCrime and Punishment
CRIM3008 pdfInternational Criminal Justice
ECOT1101 pdfEcotourism 1
ENGR1201 pdfDigital Electronics 1
ENGR1401 pdfProfessional Skills for Engineers
ENGR2311 pdfFluid and Energy Engineering
ENVH3010 pdfThe Built Environment
ENVS1701 pdfEnvironmental Studies
ENVS1701A pdfEnvironmental Studies
ENVS3708 pdfCoastal Studies
GEOG1001 pdfWater Resources and Society
GEOG2006 pdfAustralian Environmental Change
INTR1006 pdfInternational Relations an Introduction
INTR1006A pdfInternational Relations an Introduction
INTR3070 pdfArc of Crisis the Modern Middle East
INTR3071 pdfInternational Financial Crises
LLAW1102 pdfPrinciples of Tort Law
LLAW1103 pdfPublic Law and Regulation
LLAW2103 pdfAdvanced Contract [Oral Advocacy]
LLAW2104 pdfConstitutional Law (Group Work)
MATH2111 pdfVector Calculus
MATH3013 pdfComplex Analysis
MIDW1008 pdfAnatomy and Physiology of Reproduction
MMED2011 pdfWater Safety and Health
MMED8103 pdfKnowledge of Health and Illness 1A (paper 2)
MMED8120A pdfKnowledge of Health and Illness 1A (paper 2)
NUTD3010 pdfNutrition and Dietetics
POLI1003 pdfAustralian Politics a Comparative Study
POLI1003A pdfAustralian Politics a Comparative Study
POLI1008 pdfPolitics Through Film
POLI1008A pdfPolitics Through Film
POLI2013 pdfClassics of Political Thought
POLI2014 pdfPolitics of Third World States
SPTH1506 pdfLinguistics and Phonetics 1
SPTH2503 pdfAcoustic Phonetics
SPTH2504 pdfIntroductory Linguistics
SPTH3201 pdfAural Rehabilitation

Semester 2

Topic CodeSubject
AMST1001 pdfAmerican popular Culture
ASST1001 pdfDiscovering Asia
BIOL3132 pdfProtein to Proteome
BTEC3630 pdfMolecular and Medical Biotechnology
BTEC9672 pdfGenomics and Drug Discovery
BTEC9673 pdfMedical Biotechnology
BUSN1001 pdfAccounting Principles
BUSN1008 pdfIntroductory Macroeconomics
BUSN1009 pdfQuantitative Methods
BUSN1010 pdfLaw for Business
BUSN1019 pdfIntroduction to Business Law
BUSN2001 pdfBusiness Forecasting
BUSN2013 pdfMacroeconomics
BUSN2031 pdfBusiness Forecasting
BUSN3055 pdfStrategic Management
COMP1102 pdfComputer Programming 1
COMP1120 pdfInformation Communication Technology 1B
COMP1602 pdfComputer Programming 1 (Extended)
COMP2006 pdfSoftware Engineering 1
COMP3012 pdfSoftware Engineering 2
COMP3022 pdfEnterprise Information Security
COMP8006 pdfSoftware Engineering 1 GE
COMP8008 pdfComputer Programming 1 GE
COMP8012 pdfSoftware Engineering 2 GE
COMP8022 pdfEnterprise Information Security GE
ENGR1202 pdfAnalog Electronics 1
ENVH2004 pdfBiological Chemistry
GEOG1002 pdfCities as Human Environments
GEOG2005 pdfAsian Regional Development
GEOG3007 pdfCities, Geography and Policy
GEOG8001 pdfAsian Regional Development
INTR1010 pdfThe Middle East: From the Rebirth of Zionism to the Iraq War
INTR3066 pdfPolitics of the European Union
INTR3069 pdfWars of the Fleas: Asymmetric Conflict since 1945
LLAW1106 pdfLawyering: Procedures and Ethics
LLAW1105 pdfContract
LLAW2101 pdfProperty Law Concepts
LLAW3102 pdfCorporate Law (Drafting)
MATH2023 pdfMathematics for the Physical Sciences
MATH2035 pdfGroups and Codes
MMED2930 pdfPlasticity of the Nervous system
MMED3912 pdfBiochemistry of Human Disease
MMED3912A pdfIndustrial and Pharmaceutical Microbiology
NURS2104 pdfEthics and Law Applied to Nursing
NUTD3011 pdfMaternal and Child Nutrition
NUTD3013 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Closed Book Examination)
NUTD3013 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Open Book Examination)
NUTD9122 pdfMaternal and Child Nutrition
NUTD9125 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Closed Book Examination)
NUTD9125 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Open Book Examination)
PHIL1030 pdfThe Individual and Society
PHIL1030A pdfThe Individual and Society
PHIL2022 pdfReality, Perception and Knowledge
PHIL2606 pdfReality, Perception and Knowledge
POLI1004 pdfModern Political Thought
POLI1004A pdfModern Political Thought
POLI1009 pdfGovernment, Business and Society
POLI1009A pdfGovernment, Business and Society
POLI2018 pdfBasic Issues in Contemporary Political Theory
PPHR2001 pdfDemography
PPHR2001 pdfDemography
STAT2302 pdfStatistics Computing Laboratory
STAT2303 pdfStatisitics for Forensic Science
STAT2305 pdfStatistics for Medical Science
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