2011 Past Exams

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Semester 2

Topic CodeSubject
BIOD1102s pdfIntroduction to Biodiversity and Conservation Supplementary Exam
BIOL2712 pdfAnimal Diversity
BIOL2722 pdfDisease and Immunology
BIOL2732 pdfAquaculture Systems and Technology
BIOL2772s pdfMolecular Biology Supplementary Exam
BIOL3732 pdfAquaculture Health and Product Quality
BIOL3762 pdfProtein to Proteome (GE)
BIOL9005 pdfProtein to Proteome (GE)
BIOL3792 pdfForensic Biology
BUSN1019 pdfLaw for Business
BUSN2028 pdfMarketing Research Methods
BUSN2031 pdfBusiness Forecasting
BUSN2040 pdfMacroeconomics
BUSN9032 pdfStrategic Management
CHEM1202 pdfIntroduction to Chemistry B
CHEM2702 pdfOrganic Reactions
CHEM3702 pdfInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
COMP1401 pdfProfessional Skills in Computing
COMP2762 pdfOperating Systems
COMP3722 pdfTheory and Practice of Computation
COMP3742 pdfIntelligent Systems
CRIM1102 pdfCriminal Justice System
CRIM3301 pdfCrime Law and Trauma
ENGR1202 pdfAnalog Electronics 1
ENGR1401 pdfProfessional Skills for Engineers
ENGR1732 pdfMechanical and Electrical Fundamentals
ENGR2702 pdfElectrical Circuits and Machines
ENGR3712 pdfThermodynamics and Energy Systems
ENGR4742 pdfStandards, Ethics and Compliance
ENVH1702 pdfOur Environment Our Health
ENVS1702 pdfEnvironment Economy and Culture
ENVS2721 pdfEnvironmental Decision Making Tools
ENVS3732 pdfEnvironmental Impact Assessment
ENVS8732 pdfEnvironmental Impact Assessment
GEOG1002 pdfCities as Human Environments
GEOG2722 pdfSociety and Space
GEOG3702 pdfCities Geography and Policy
INTR1010 pdfThe Middle East: From the Rebirth of Zionism to the Iraq War
LLAW1221 pdfProfessional Skills and Ethics [Ethics 1]
LLAW1222 pdfIssues in Criminal Law
LLAW1223 pdfTorts 1
LLAW1224 pdfAdvanced Contract [Writing 11]
LLAW2224 pdfCorporate Law 1 (Drafting)
LLAW3244 pdfHealth Law
MATH1712 pdfElements of Mathematics
MATH2702 pdfLinear Algebra and Differential Equations
MATH2712 pdfAlgebra
MATH3702 pdfMethods of Applied Mathematics
MATH3712 pdfPartial Differential Equations
MMED2935 pdfHuman Immunology and Infectious Disease
MMED3933 pdfBiochemistry of Human Disease
MMED8106 pdfHealth Professions and Society 1B
NURS2104 pdfEthics and Law Applied to Nursing
NUTD3011 pdfMaternal and Child Nutrition
NUTD3013 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics
NUTD9122 pdfMaternal and Child Nutrition
NUTD9125 pdfClinical Nutrition and Dietetics
OCCT1001 pdfIntroduction to Occupational Therapy
PHYS3702 pdfCosmology and Optoelectronics
PHYT1001 pdfIntroduction to Physiotherapy
POLI1010 pdfIntroduction to Modern Political Thought
POLI2010 pdfBasic Issues in Contemporary Political Theory
PPHR2721 pdfDemography
SPTH1103 pdfAnatomy and Physiology of Speech
SPTH1509 pdfLinguistics and Phonetics 2
WMST2017 pdfGender, Globalisation and International Development
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