Information for Students about Readings

The Readings Collection

Key topic resources are generally held in the Readings Collection of the Library. The Readings Collection is designed for high demand materials, such as items from required reading lists. The types of materials available in the Readings collection include:

  • books
  • DVDs
  • videos and DVDs of lectures
  • topic handbooks/readers

Each of the Flinders University Libraries has its own Readings Collection. Readings items are held behind the loans desk and you need to borrow the resource to use it. Most items in Readings may be borrowed for two hours or overnight.


eReadings are accessible via the Internet. You will need your FAN and password to access eReadings from off campus. eReadings include essential course materials such as;

  • journal articles
  • book chapters

Finding all items in Readings and eReadings for your topic

In your FLO topic, go to the the Readings and Library Resources link and choose eReadings or Readings. You'll see a list of all eReadings or Readings available for your topic. These searches will bring up everything that has been put into these collections, including books, book chapters, articles, videos and DVDs.

Alternatively, you can search via the Library home page. Under Finding, select Readings and Past Exams. Choose Access eReadings or Access Readings. In eReadings, select your topic from the drop-down menu. In Readings you can search with your topic code and/or keywords.

Help with finding your Readings

This LibGuide is available to help you: Discover your Readings

How do I know if a book is in the Readings Collection?

When viewing search results in FindIt@Flinders, if a book is held in the Readings collection it will appear in the Available at statement, with the location and location number. For extra copies in the Library you can click on the Location tab.