Data Management Plans

Working with Librarians with expertise in Data Management, Data Management Plans may be created to support a new funding application, at the beginning of a project, or to formalise procedures once a project is underway.

The process includes bringing together information about:

  • the project that will generate or collect the data
  • people involved in the project
  • requirements related to the data (size, file type, access, security, retention)
  • sensitivities related to the data (ethics, commercial, cultural)
  • ownership, licensing and intellectual property

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Data Sharing and Citation

Flinders Librarians can provide the means to describe research datasets and make the information available via Research Data Australia .

This makes research datasets more visible, easier to locate and more likely to be reused by other researchers. A full record in Research Data Australia also provides enough information for datasets to be cited in publications.

You might like to take a look at existing Flinders dataset collection records in Research Data Australia.

Want to know more about data sharing and citation? Take a look at:

Timothy Smith's article in The Conversation

Australian National Data Service Information on Data Citation

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Data Archiving and Open Access Options

If you wish to make your data available to other researchers, the Library can help with storage options. Whether you wish to make the data available for sharing (ie, the creator of the data approves access to other researchers) or open access (ie, the data is available for immediate download), your data may be eligible for inclusion on purpose built storage at eResearch SA or at Flinders.

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