Using Google Scholar to find citation data

Google Scholar provides citation data for journal articles.

Generally, Google Scholar will return fewer results than Web of Knowledge, and a high proportion of the results will appear in both searches. However, Google Scholar will also find citations in non-traditional formats such as academic web pages and pre-prints and will often identify new citations more quickly than Web of Knowledge.

To find citation data:

  • Go to the Google Scholar page
  • Select the Advanced Scholar Search link (deop down arrow at the end of the search box).
  • Enter the author’s name in the ‘Return articles authored by’ field.
  • Specify the relevant dates in 'Return articles published between' field
  • Indicate the subject area
  • Click on 'Search Scholar'
  • If the reference has been cited by others, a Cited by link will appear below the citation.
  • Click on the link to go to those references.

For any help using Google Scholar, please contact your Liaison Librarian

To ask about the Library's RQF support, please contact Veronica Ghee, Senior Liaison Librarian.

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