Using Google Scholar to find citation data

Google Scholar provides citation data for journal articles.

Generally, Google Scholar will return fewer results than Web of Knowledge, and a high proportion of the results will appear in both searches. However, Google Scholar will also find citations in non-traditional formats such as academic web pages and pre-prints and will often identify new citations more quickly than Web of Knowledge.

To find your own citation data:

  • Go to and sign in with your Google account.
  • Fill out the next page with your information -  Enter your name, Leave areas of interest blank, add your Affiliation and email for verification (otherwise you will not be indexed by Google).
  • Make your profile public.
  • Go to the next page and search for your articles.
  • In the next step, give Google permission to Automatically update the list of articles in your profile - if it gets it wrong, you can always remove them later.
  • This will also let you know your H-Index and total citations in Google Scholar.

To find citation data:

  • Go to the Google Scholar page
  • Select the Advanced Scholar Search link (drop down arrow at the end of the search box).
  • Enter the author’s name in the ‘Return articles authored by’ field.
  • Specify the relevant dates in 'Return articles published between' field
  • Indicate the subject area
  • Click on 'Search Scholar'
  • If the reference has been cited by others, a Cited by link will appear below the citation.
  • Click on the link to go to those references.

For any help using Google Scholar, please contact your Liaison Librarian


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