NCR and AUI are new resources to Flinders University, made available by the Office of Research and supported by the Library.

These are powerful resources that can be used to rank and analyse research output across the Australian University sector.

Access to NCR and AUI

NCR and AUI cannot be made available via the Library website, but is available to Flinders University staff in the following ways:

If you'd like a couple of searches done:

Library staff can undertake this searching for you. To discuss your requirements, please contact Veronica Ghee .

If you need to spend some time searching, and would like help on hand:

Machines are set up in the Central, Medical and Sturt libraries that provide access to NCR and AUI. Library staff can be on hand to assist. To book a machine, please contact Beth Prior.

If you will need to undertake a lot of searching:

We can send you a copy of the databases on a DVD which will make them available on your own machine. To request a copy of the DVD, please contact Beth Prior.

For help accessing or using NCR/AUI, please contact Veronica Ghee.