The Web of Knowledge is the Library's prime source of basic citation data and comprises four citation databases:

  • Science Citation Index
  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Web Citation Index

It covers approximately 40 million journal articles from around 8700 scholarly journals, with a bias towards the sciences.

When searching for a journal article, Web of Knowledge will provide the number of times that article has been cited by others as well as links to a listing of those articles.

To find citation data:

  • Go to the Web of Knowledge database
  • Click on Go next to the heading Web of Science
  • Select the Cited Reference Search option
  • Select the relevant citation database. Change the dates to cover the RQF period.
  • Enter the authors name, cited work or year. (Cited work refers to the publication in which the work appeared).
  • Click Search to display the Cited Reference selection page, which lists the references that match your search criteria.
  • From the Cited Reference selection page you can
    • Select references of interest by clicking individual checkboxes
    • Click on the Select Page button (which selects all the references on the current page) or
    • Click on the Select All button (which selects all references for that name)
  • Click on the Finish Search button to retrieve the articles that cite the selected references.
  • OR click on View Record to see full details of the reference including an abstract

For any help using Web of Knowledge, please contact your Liaison Librarian

To ask about the Library's RQF support, please contact Beth Prior, Senior Liaison Librarian.