eResearch Tools and Services

High Powered Computing (HPC)  
  • High Powered Computing, Virtualisation and Storage for your research can be facilitated by IDS and tailored to your needs. 
  • Contact Digital Research Services before you look into commercial services such as eRSA. 
  • See more information from Digital Research Services here
Collaboration Tools
  • FLO may be set up as an online collaboration tool to support research projects. For more information, please email
  • New collaboration tools have been developed to support researchers in particular disciplines, using common instruments or using common methodologies. All are in different stages of development. Some of those that have been launched are listed here.
    • Genomics Virtual Laboratory - a platform for genomic analysis providing access to popular sources of data like the UCSC Table Browser and use of a number of integrated tools.
    • Quadrant - a web based service that offers tools to manage interview based research projects including data storage.
    • Oz Track - eResearch tools for the the storage, analysis and visualisation of animal tracking data
    • Virtual Geophysics Laboratory - provides geophycists with ability to download, sub-set and process data in a generic/expandable platform.
  • See information about all the tools .
  • Flinders has a Statistics Consulting service that can:
    • provide one on one consultations
    • deliver workshops or tutorials
    • assist in applications for restricted access data
    • provide IBM SPSS technical support
Publishing support

Flinders University Library offers a publication support service to research students and staff, including:

  • Advice about publishing projects and other ways to disseminate research
  • Workshops for Research Higher Degree students and early career researchers
  • Individual consultations to researchers at all levels
  • Advice for editors of journals, books or conference proceedings

For more information contact