Community of Practice for Journal Editors at Flinders

Open to editors (or potential editors) of journals or scholarly magazines who are connected to the University in some capacity. This is a group for editors with an ongoing responsibility for producing publications, rather than advisory board members or reviewers.

The initial meeting was held on 3 November 2016.

Please join the mailing list to be kept informed of future meetings and activities and join in online discussions.

Aims of the group:

  • Greater visibility of the role of journal editors among the university community
  • Advocacy for recognition of journal editing and other related activities
  • Sharing experience across discipline boundaries and publication models - for example, international academic publishing platforms, scholarly or professional societies or collectives, institution-based open access publications, student-focussed
  • Opportunities to discuss common problems
  • Mentoring for new editors

Activities of the group

  • Quarterly meetings for information sharing
  • Meet the Editor sessions for authors - to be offered as part of the Research Higher Degree Professional Development Program. See RHDPDP page to enrol for workshops.
  • An email discussion group
  • Formulating or sharing resources for editors


Community of Practice convenor: Dr Gillian Dooley

List of members and journals

Michael Barr

Editor in Chief, Asian Studies Review

Eric Bouvet

Co-editor, FULGOR

Gillian Dooley

General editor, Transnational Literature

Co-editor, Writers in Conversation

Keith Hancock

Co-editor, Australian Bulletin of Labour

Tom Karmel

Co-editor, Australian Bulletin of Labour

Sky Marsen

News Editor,  Association for Business Communication 

Member, Editorial Team, Journal of Evolution and Technology

Andrew Millington

Editor in Chief, Land

Linda Sweet

Deputy Editor, Women and Birth

Graham Tulloch

Editor, Humanities Australia

Dean Whitehead

Associate Editor, Open Nursing Journal