Research Data Australia

Very extensive government sponsored tool to find, access, and reuse data for research. Over one hundred Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions contributed so far facilitating discoverability of over 130000 different datasets. The datasets can be located by following this weblink. is a federal government initiative aimed at encouraging researchers to find, access and reuse public data. There are close to 30000 datasets which could be explored. The search engine is available in here.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The Statistics section of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website gives you access to the full range of ABS statistical and reference information. It is updated weekdays at 11.30am (Canberra time) and allows you to conveniently access a large range of ABS statistical and reference information, free of charge.

The Statistics section home page can be accessed here. While there are different ways of exploring available statistical information, browsing by using "Topic" or "Title" may be a good starting point.

Australian Data Archive (ADA)

A brief of the Australian Data Archive (ADA) is to provide a national service for the collection and preservation of computer readable data and to make this data available for further analysis. There are about 2,000 datasets archived with the ADA that can be accessed by researchers, with most without any access restriction being imposed upon them. This link directs to the search engine.

Inter-Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Because Flinders University is an ACSPRI member, there is an additional opportunity for our researchers to explore the datasets that are stored in the Inter-Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). It is the largest data archive in the world and holds a vast amount of American and international data. To search for datasets follow this weblink.