Frequently asked questions  

What is the Flinders Academic Commons (FAC)?

The Flinders Academic Commons (FAC) is an institutional repository for disseminating and preserving the scholarly work of Flinders University. It offers a central location for depositing research outputs or other scholarly work for which authors have retained copyright or acquired permission to do so. In addition, the FAC provides enduring access and makes the content easily discoverable. More...


What does the FAC contain?

All items in the Flinders Academic Commons must have a link to Flinders University in some way, whether they are the research outputs of academic staff, joint projects with other organisations, or material produced in conjunction with the University's affiliates.

Examples of material that can be found within the FAC include:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Working papers
  • Reports
While the majority of material collected is text, images and sound files are also present; see our complete list of supported file formats for more information.


What are the benefits of having my work in the FAC?

  • Preservation: the FAC is a secure and long term archive for your scholarly work
  • Stability: each item in the FAC receives its own individual, citable, linkable URL that will not change or break over time
  • Visibility: material in the FAC is optimised for discovery by Google and Google Scholar, enabling higher ranking in search result lists, which then has the potential for higher citation rates and increased impact factors. The FAC is also indexed by Trove and OAIster
  • Compliance: satisfying requirements of research funded by NHMRC or ARC grants, by placement in Flinders University's own open access institutional repository

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Who can contribute to the FAC?

Staff of Flinders University may contribute content to the FAC, as well as other authors/creators affiliated with the University. Note that all items for contribution must have been produced as part of the work for which the contributor is employed at Flinders University. See our Collection Development Policy for more information.


How do I contribute to the FAC?

We welcome contributions to the FAC from the Flinders University community.
Library staff can assist with deposit requirements such as copyright checking. We also offer training and demonstrations in contributing to the FAC, please contact us for more information.


If I add my work to the FAC, can I still publish or use it elsewhere?

Yes. The FAC does not act as a publisher, it is only an online archive, and placing your work in it does not preclude you from using it elsewhere.



What about NHMRC and ARC funded papers?

Yes. In fact, this is the NHMRC's and ARC's preferred way of making your work publicly available, to comply with its funding requirements. Your research is preserved in a secure and stable format, accessible to the public, and involves no cost to you or the reader. Contact us for assistance.


Can I add work to the FAC that has already been published?

If your work has already been published, you may have assigned some rights to your publisher. However, this does not automatically mean that the work cannot be archived in the FAC. Many publishers now allow authors to deposit a submitted version or an accepted version in an institutional repository, some even allow the published version under certain conditions.

We are aware that many academics have concerns about archiving their work. We always investigate each publisher's copyright policy before deposit, and encourage you to read our Copyright FAQs , or contact us for more information.


If I am new to Flinders, can I contribute my previous research to the FAC?

Yes. Please contact us if you wish to do so.


If I am leaving Flinders, will my work be removed from the FAC?

No. The FAC is intended to be an archive, so work would not automatically be removed upon leaving the University.


How can I find my work in the FAC?

The FAC allows for browsing by author, search by Lastname, Firstname, for example Smith, John


Who can access my work in the FAC?

The FAC is an open access repository, providing full text wherever possible. This allows for the widest possible dissemination of Flinders' research work, and contributes to the growing amount of research literature available freely online.

Visitors to the FAC come from all over the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Greece, India, New Zealand, Germany, China, and the Philippines.


Why are there some records in the FAC without full text?

The FAC is intended to be a full text repository wherever possible. However, the University also uses the FAC to report its research outputs to the Australian Research Council (ARC) through the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative, resulting in many items without the accompanying full text. We discourage self-submission of such items in the FAC in order to maintain its integrity as primarily a full text source.


Can I still link to my work in the FAC from my web site?

Yes. The FAC provides each item with its own individual, permanent, citable, linkable URL that will not change or break over time. You can use this in your personal or departmental web pages, include it in your email signature or even in your printed materials as it will not change.