Library ISBN service

The Library has purchased a batch of ISBNs which can be provided to university staff for teaching and research-related publications published by the university.

See ISBN Help on the Thorpe-Bowker web page for information about the details of the ISBN system

To request one or more ISBNs for your publication, please email with the following information:

  • Contact person for publication
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
  • Date of expected publication (Month and year)


  • Author(s) or Editor(s) (specify which)
  • Department
  • Title of publication
  • Target audience
  • Series title (if any)
  • Price


  • Medium (include all that apply): Print / Audio / Packs and Multimedia (requiring separate ISBNs) / Video / Digital/E-book (NB you need one ISBN for each medium)
  • Format (for each medium): e.g. hardback/paperback for Print; contents of pack; CD-ROM or MP3 for audio.
  • Method of publication outside the University (NB if you are planning to sell a print copy of the book commercially you may need to buy a Barcode – please advise if you require this)
  • Number of ISBNs required