ID card

Current students

Current students use their student ID card as a library card. Visit the Student ID card web page for more information on obtaining a card.

Interstate students

If you are a Flinders student studying interstate you can apply to borrow in person at a nearby participating university through the University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) reciprocal borrowing scheme. Conditions apply – visit the ULANZ web page for more information. Other services are also available for external students.

Students from other universities

Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia libraries also participate in a reciprocal borrowing scheme. As a Flinders student you can present your student ID card at the other two university’s libraries to borrow from their collections. As a student from the University of Adelaide or UniSA, you will need to present a current student ID to borrow from Flinders University libraries. Conditions apply – visit the Borrowing from other libraries page for more information.

High school students

Year 11 and 12 students can also register to borrow from the Flinders University libraries.


Flinders University alumni can access the Alumni e-Library and borrow physical library items.


Flinders University staff also use their staff ID card at the library and must have a current record on the University's Human Resource system before they will be able to borrow.


Members of the public can apply to be community borrowers at Flinders University libraries.