Managing Overdue Loans

Flinders Library does not apply fines or fees for overdue loans. However, your borrowing may be affected if you return materials after the due date.

Blocks on your Account

A block on your library account prevents you from borrowing, renewing or requesting library materials. A block may be applied when:

  • You have 10 items overdue
  • You have overdue items that are declared “lost”
  • You have overdue items that are in high demand
  • You have accrued 20 demerit points
  • You have a sanction for an outstanding debt applied by the Student System

Information about blocks will display when you sign into My Account.

Demerit Point Blocks

Demerit points will accrue when you return overdue items:

  • At 5 points per item on which a request  has been placed
  • At 2 points per item with no request

Your account will be blocked for 14 days with 20 demerit points.

A 12 months (365 days) loan history is checked to calculate demerits.

Demerit points are not itemised. Demerit points may be removed only with the removal of a demerit block.

To avoid losing your borrowing rights

  • Return loans on or before the due date
  • Act on library notices sent to your university email account
  • Contact the Library if you have questions about your loans

The majority of library users manage to avoid suspension of their borrowing privileges.

Non returned, lost or damaged items

The replacement cost must be paid for these items. Please note that the current base replacement cost for lost material is AU $80, which can be adjusted upwards depending on the cost of replacing the lost item.

You should contact the Lending Services Librarian at the branch of the library from which you borrowed the item. They can give you more information or may be able to help if there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Central Library 8201 3705
  • Gus Fraenkel Medical Library 8204 5678
  • Sturt Library 8201 3284

Borrowers remain in Bad Financial Standing with the University until all fees are cleared. Where such Fines and Fees are outstanding you may be blocked from enrolling and graduating until the issue has been resolved. Please attend to any fee notices for lost books received from the library as soon as possible, and check your library record regularly to ensure all loaned items have been returned.

Payment for lost books

Contact the Central Library ( in person or by phone on 8201 3705 from 9am to 4.45pm) to confirm the actual replacement cost of the lost item. At that time they will tell you the options for payment.

If the book should subsequently be found, the replacement cost (if paid) will be refunded. No refunds will be made on payments more than 2 years old.

Please note that the library cannot accept any other copies as a replacement for lost items.