Library Notices

The Library sends notices to help you manage your requests and loans. Notices for Flinders staff and students are sent to Flinders University email accounts.

Note that notices are a courtesy only. Up to date information on borrowing and requesting activities can be found by logging into MyLibraryCard.  It is your responsibility to return or renew items on time regardless of receipt of an email notification.

Loan Summary notice

This summarises the information in MyLibraryCard and will be sent on the second day of each month.

Courtesy reminder notice

Courtesy reminder notices will be sent 2 days before the date an item is due back in the Library.

Overdue Notice

Overdue notices are sent once items are overdue. To avoid demerit points, blocks on your account or lost item fees return your items by the due date.

Request notice

This indicates that items requested are available for collection. You can also opt to receive request notifications via SMS. Please login to MyLibraryCard and select Personal Settings to activate SMS alerts.

For further information, please contact the Library.