Who is eligible for the Document Delivery Service?

Staff and Postgraduates (PhD, Masters, Honours, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Degree students) of the University. There is no charge to postgraduates or staff for Document Delivery requests.

Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply directly from our Document Delivery Service, however they may use the service if the item is vital to their studies. They will need to ask their lecturer or tutor if they are prepared to sign a consent form to enable them to use the Document Delivery Service. These forms are available from the Information desk in each Flinders library.

What can I request via Document Delivery?

If the material you need is not held in the Flinders University Library or any of its branches, the Document Services Unit can try to obtain it for you.

Please note that the Document Services Unit is provided to support the University's teaching, research and related programmes. Requests not related to these activities will be subject to full cost recovery.


  • Items that are not held in the Flinders University Library or any of its branches
  • items that have been reported as missing from the collections of the Flinders University Library
  • Flinders University items that are being bound or repaired


  • items held in the Readings Collection or subject to short term loan
  • items that are currently on loan (Please place a hold on FindIt@Flinders for these items)
  • items not related to your work or study at the University

How do I place a Document Delivery request?

Check Findit@Flinders, the library's online catalogue, to make sure the Library does not hold the item.

You will need to click the "GO" button on the Document Services homepage and then log in to the Document Delivery system using your FAN and password.

It is very important that you give a full and accurate citation for the material you want. Otherwise we - and our suppliers - will have difficulty working out what you actually want.

Please note that copyright provisions must be observed. In particular:

  • The copy must be used for the purpose of research or study and must not be used for any other purpose
  • You must not have previously been supplied with a copy of the same article/other work - or the same part of the article or other work, by an authorised officer of the library
  • The Australian Copyright Act allows the copying of a reasonable portion from a book or a periodical. In practical terms, this means that it is prohibited to copy more than one article from the same issue of a periodical, unless the articles are for the same research or course of study. Similarly, it is not permitted to copy more than one chapter, or 10 percent (whichever is greater) from a book.

How long will it take to fulfill a Document Delivery request?

This varies greatly, depending on several factors including where the material is coming from and how hard it is to identify sources of supply. We can normally obtain copies of articles from journals within 48 hours, depending on availability; the average time for books or other borrowed items is 2 weeks (due to postage delays).

There are some types of material which are unlikely to be lent or copied, even if they are held in Australia: bibliographies and other reference books, rare books and limited editions, books in heavy use, and so on.

You will be notified by email of the arrival of your requested item in the Library - loans are sent to your preferred pickup location (allow 2 days for delivery to branch libraries) and copies are sent as pdf attachments to your email address.

How do I know when my Document Delivery request has arrived?

All information regarding your requests will be sent to your university staff or student email. This includes acknowledgement of the receipt of a new request, queries regarding your requests and notification that your request has been received from the supplier. All correspondence from document services is via email only.

Please note that you can view the progress of your requests through the Document Delivery system using the "Open Requests' menu option. If you prefer to use a non-Flinders University email account please ensure that you have redirected your university email to your preferred account.

Why is my access to Document Delivery blocked?

If you have an outstanding debt to the University your Library borrowing privileges will be suspended until the debt has cleared. No Document Delivery requests can be submitted while your library privileges are suspended.

What if I need a Document delivery request urgently?

There is provision on the request form to specify whether the item is a CORE or RUSH- the default service level is CORE and you can use the service level drop down menu to change this to RUSH.

Please contact us via email if you need a request urgently, and we can advise you if this will be posssible.

How do I view all of the Document Delivery requests I have placed?

To view all requests placed over the last year, you will need to access the "All Requests"  link.

If you have any questions about a particular request, please email us.

How do I renew my Document Delivery loan?

To renew your Document Delivery loan you must contact Document Delivery before the due date of your loan. DDS loans cannot be renewed via My Account as we also need to request a renewal from the supplying library. The renewal of a Document Delivery loan is at the discretion of the supplying library.

Phone: 08 8201 2175
Email: dds@flinders.edu.au