Library Services for Students with Disabilities

The Disability Advisors are the first point of contact for information regarding assistance. They provide a free, confidential service for enrolled students who have a disability.
The Disability Advisors coordinate specific services that allow students with disabilities to access university study. They can develop personal Access Plans, which detail additional services that can be provided to you.

If you have an Access Plan for additional Library Services, please show it to a Librarian at the Information Desk in any Flinders University Library branch. Additional assistance may include:

  • retrieving items from the shelves
  • retrieval of material from other Flinders University Library branches
  • assistance with searching for information

Library access

All libraries (Central, Medical and Sturt) have appropriate access, for more information ring the Information desk on 1300 354 633 and select option 3 for Library (all branches).
Each library on multiple levels (Central and Sturt) has a lift connecting all floors. Accessible toilet facilities are located in or near each library.
The Adaptive Technology Room at the Sturt Precinct is in a 24/7 accessible area.

Specialised equipment

The Library has the following specialist equipment available in Adaptive Technology Rooms in each branch. The equipment is only available to students who have a documented disability that warrants the use of particular items. Access to the rooms can be arranged through the Disability Advisors when your Access Plan is developed. 

  • CCTV equipment - magnifies printed text and other visual images to a digital screen.
  • JAWS - screen-reading software.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking TM Voice recognition software.
    This software allows the user to operate a Windows computer using voice commands, and to dictate text into Windows applications. 
  • Height adjustable electric tables
  • A Printer/Photocopier at an accessible height is located near the Adaptive Technology Room.

In addition, all student computers have Standard Windows 7 accessibility tools and Microsoft Office spelling and grammar checkers installed. These computers also have TextHelp Read and Write installed.