On behalf of the residential community at Flinders Living it is my pleasure to welcome you to our on-line presence and thank you for taking time to find out more about us.

Our community comprises the Flinders University Hall and the Deirdre Jordan Village both co-located in the Flinders Living Precinct within five minutes’ walk of the North Ridge, South Ridge and Sturt Precincts of the University as well as the Flinders Medical Centre. These two environments (one catered, the other self-catered) provide opportunities for students to pursue their academic endeavours in safe, supportive and vibrant communities of fellow learners. 

Past members of the Flinders Living community will readily share that living in the Hall or Village was one of the very best experiences during their time at university.  No matter your interests or personality you may contribute to community life through a wide range of social, sporting, academic, cultural and philanthropic activities. You may even choose to become even more actively involved in the community’s leadership by standing for election as a member of the Hall’s House Committee or to apply for a Residential Tutor or Residential Coordinator role in the future. The more you contribute to community life, the more you’ll get out of it so take a moment to browse through our pages and see what attracts your attention. If you have any questions please be sure to contact our staff who will be very happy to assist.

If you are intending to make Flinders your university of choice, I encourage you to consider becoming a member of our residential community at Flinders Living.

James Atkinson, Principal