House Committee

An elected House Committee in the Hall strengthens the sense of the Hall community through the organisation of many inter-collegiate sporting competitions and a wide range of social and cultural events throughout the year.

Roles and responsibilities 

The Committee devotes much of its time to the organisation of social, cultural and sporting activities on behalf of the Hall residents and with the Colleges affiliated with Adelaide University. Through these activities participants are provided with opportunities to extend their interests and friendships.

The House Committee is also a means of representing resident’s opinions on current Hall issues. The President of the House Committee meets weekly with the Tutor group.

The House Committee is also responsible for organising the social and sporting aspects of the Orientation Programme at the commencement of the year and for arranging a team of continuing students to act as guides throughout this week.


The House Committee consists of elected Hall residents with the Dean as an Affiliate Member of the committee. The House Committee’s responsibility is to manage all affairs of the Flinders University Hall Residents Club Inc. All Members of the hall are members of the club. Flinders Living Staff and University Hall Tutors are all affiliate members of the Club. The House Committee has a full Constitution which is available for all Members to read.


Elections for House Committee Members are held late in second semester for the following year’s Committee and all residents are entitled to nominate for positions and to vote.

A second election is held in March/April of the new year to enable new first year Members to join in electing a further 2 first year House Committee Members.