The Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE) is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships both within the University and with the broader community, including business and industry.

Our Development unit works for Flinders people to identify and develop strategic alliances aimed at enhancing the Flinders experience for all participants.  This is achieved through:

Business development, sponsorships and partnerships

OCE's objective, through business development endeavors, is to build upon the excellent reputation and position of Flinders University and people in relation to our wider communities.  In real terms this means:

  • undertaking sponsorship negotiation and developing business cases based on strategic alignment and mutual benefits
  • negotiation of funding and fundraising support for Flinders initiatives and partnered community groups
  • facilitation of strategic alliances and connections for Colleges and portfolios.

If you’re approached or have questions in regards to sponsorship, please contact the Alumni and Development team.