The Karmel Endowment Fund

The Karmel Endowment fund is one of the responsibilities of the Office of Communications and Engagement (OCE).  There are two main areas of the Karmel Endowment Fund that directly serve Flinders people:

  • fundraising for scholarships
  • bequests and in memorium funds

Scholarship Fundraising

All fundraising efforts for scholarships and other initiatives at Flinders are now operated through the structure of the Karmel Endowment Fund.

Scholarship funds are established in conjunction with the Scholarships Office, with the aid of the OCE's Alumni and Development team, in the following ways:
  • guidance in developing a fundraising approach
  • assistance in developing a business case for fundraising.

For further information about fundraising for scholarships please contact the Alumni and Development team.

Bequests, In Memoriams

Many Flinders people, including retired staff and graduates, have made bequests or donations of art or capital to the university.  In its role of administrator of the Karmel Endowment Fund, Flinders OCE is able to provide:

  • advice about the wording of wills
  • assistance finding a lawyer
  • meetings with prospective donors
  • information about the stewardship of bequests and donations.

The Karmel Endowment fund also brings Flinders people together with the families of individuals who have bequeathed funds to the university.

Flinders University believes in enduring relationships with bereaved families who are reassured by the management of their loved one’s bequests and the good these funds do toward further education, innovation and art at Flinders. 

From time to time our representatives have been invited to attend memorial services in cases where benefactors or bereaved families have requested that In Memoriam donations are made to Flinders University.  In such cases the Alumni and Development team provides a presence and ongoing management of donations in a sensitive and supportive manner.

If you would like a representative of Flinders University to attend a memorial service or would like further information about the Karmel Endowment Fund, please contact the Alumni and Development team.

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