Profile building

Profile building refers to any activity undertaken to raise public awareness of your expertise, skills, achievements and involvements in order to advance your career. 

As an important part of our university culture and brand essence, inspiring achievement, Flinders people are encouraged to pursue opportunities to promote their work through mainstream media and other channels.

The Office of Communication and Engagement's (OCE) News and Media unit has long been integral to managing the public and media affairs of Flinders University.  Team members are experienced in all matters relating to media exposure and the care of public image.  

The News and Media arm of OCE delivers the following profile building resources:

Flinders Newsroom

The purpose of the Flinders Newsroom is to provide a single entry point for submission of your news to the OCE News and Media team.

Our team is ideally positioned to determine the media potential of each submission and to exploit any opportunities for promotion through various media, including referring items on to our online communications team.

If you have an interesting research or teaching triumph, field trip or event pending, the Newsroom is a resource we strongly encourage you to make use of. 

Making News

News and Media team members are here to ensure that all aspects of media liaison run smoothly.  In real terms this support is offered via:

  • media release drafting for Flinders people
  • communication with the media to encourage interest in Flinders stories
  • practice interviews for Flinders people
  • management of various media activities including photoshoots and newsvideo recordings.

For more information please contact our News and Media team.