Expert guides

Registering as an expert is a great way to be involved in public commentary about your areas of expertise.  There are two platforms available for Flinders people who are interested in becoming a registered expert commentator:

  • Flinders expert media guide

Flinders Expert Media Guide

Flinders expert media guide is a list of our academics, researchers and other key personnel who've elected to be contacted by the media for comments, advice or publicity in their area of expertise.  The list is compiled, printed and distributed to the media on an annual basis.  The list is also available online.

To be added to the Flinders Expert Media Guide, update your Staff Business Page with the relevant information. The Expert Guide entry for you is automatically generated from your staff business web page.  For more information about how to do this, refer to the Staff Business Web Page User Guide (PDF) available on the Staff Business Web Page website is an independent online database of expert commentators that is aimed at and accessible to journalists and other interested parties.  Flinders University is a sponsor of this site and administers the list of Flinders people available for comment. 

To register at follow these steps: 

  • choose 'sign up now' from the join menu located at the top of the home page
  • click on 'add me to an existing organisation'
  • the first field of the Expert Listing Submission contains a list of organisations - choose Flinders University
  • fill in your details

OCE's News and Media team will be notified of and approve your submission.

For further information please contact the News and Media team.