The Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE) can help with producing and placing advertisements on an ad hoc basis. The kinds of advertisements that we regularly assist with include:

  • conference promotion
  • course promotion
  • research or clinical trial announcements (where research subjects are sought).

There are two main ways in which OCE assists with advertising:

  • production and creative advice, guidance on the best placement for the advertisement, liaison with advertising media and negotiation of better rates 
  • management of all production, creative work, and media placement, according to your budget constraints and the level of strategic importance of the proposed advertisement.

As OCE has a relationship with the media and can negotiate good rates for advertising space, we encourage you to contact OCE prior to committing to any advertising purchase. 


Before contacting OCE we ask that you consider the following:

  • budget; must allow for creative and placement costs
  • publication type;  local or regional newspaper, magazine, journal 
  • format; colour or monochromatic, size/scale
  • lead time; be aware of publication deadlines, artwork deadlines and distribution dates
  • content; how well the intended message communicates to audiences
  • reliable contact details for the advertisement, including website address.  

We also ask that you provide details of any key contacts involved with the proposed advertisement. 

Refer to the Flinders University Style Guide for information about how the Flinders brand is applied to advertising.

Please contact the Marketing team for further assistance.