The Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE) can assist with the production and placement of advertisements.

Flinders University is now part of the State Government’s Master Media Agency Agreement. As such we are obliged to place all advertising bookings through MEC or Blaze Adverting agencies. This means that faculties, schools and other areas of the University benefit from significant cost savings by booking media through the central account held by Flinders’ Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE).

The kinds of advertisements that we regularly assist with include:

  • conference promotion
  • course promotion
  • research or clinical trial announcements (where research volunteers are sought).

There are two main ways in which OCE assists with advertising:

  • production and creative advice, securing the best placement for the advertisement, liaison with advertising media and negotiation of better rates 
  • management of all production, creative work, and media placement, according to your budget constraints and the level of strategic importance of the proposed advertisement.


  • What is the purpose of the advertisement and who do you need to engage with?
  • Are there alternatives to advertising?
  • What budget is available - please make allowance for creative development and media placement costs.
  • What kind of publication are you planning to advertise in; local or regional newspaper, magazine, journal.  Have you advertised in this publication and what were the outcomes/results? 
  • Have you allowed sufficient lead time? Some publications have lengthy lead times with respect to booking and material/artwork dispatch.
  • What assets do have to assist with ad preparation (eg. content, images, website for further information).
  • Who will respond to enquiries as a result of the ad and have they been briefed?

Please also provide details of any key contacts involved with the proposed advertisement. 

Refer to the Flinders University Style Guide for information about how the Flinders brand is applied to advertising.

Booking advertising

Please contact the Strategic Marketing team to book all advertising.