The Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE) is ultimately responsible for producing the high quality, informative print materials that support Flinders endeavours.

From course guides and course information brochures to conference and event publications, OCE works with Central, Faculty and School staff to ensure that our printed products are accurate, attractive, branded correctly, and timely.

OCE can actively assist with your publications in one of two ways:

  • help creating your own publication
  • collaborative production of publications with approved content.

For help with print invitations, flyers, postcards and other small publications as well as flyers and brochures intended for email or online use (such as the online Events Management System), please refer to the training and support pages.

For more in depth, multiple page publications such as conference brochures please read our Preproduction Checklist and contact the Marketing team to discuss lead time and planning.

Course Guides and various university-wide publications are created on an annual schedule as collaborative projects coordinated by OCE.  

Please note: we ask that general content and objectives for publications be approved through the usual pathways and also adhere to appropriate policies prior to being channelled through to OCE for support.