Who can approach the Office of Communication and Engagement for advice, support or collaboration?

We're here for Flinders people across all Colleges and portfolios.  

When should I contact OCE?

We strongly encourage you to make contact in the planning stages of your initiatives, whenever you have questions related to marketing, advertising, media or brand or are planning an event or profile building activity.  

I have questions about engaging with the media - who can answer these?

Please see our Media FAQs page.

What level of support is available to me?

There are two levels of support we offer.  Our primary concern is with University-wide initiatives and endeavours as our role is to support the strategic aims of Flinders as a whole.  Accordingly, if your initiative has a University-wide impact, is strategically important or is high profile, we will work collaboratively and in some cases manage the project entirely.  As all Flinders projects are important to us we're able to offer a second level of support which will enable you to carry out your iniatives to the standard expected of our University.

How can OCE help with my work and objectives?

We can help you with a range of tools and support resources available on this website, as well as offering advice, guidance and training in the aspects of marketing and communications that relate to your projects.    

Do OCE do all the design and production work or do you get outside agencies to help?

We carry out most of the work in house, and out source to various agencies for very large or specialised projects.

What will OCE assistance cost?

We prefer to handle the issue of cost on a contingency basis.  We need to know the scope of the project before we can say how much it will cost, if anything.