Media and Communications

Role: Enhance Flinders’ reputation and promote its achievements, proactively engaging with state, national and international media to build awareness of the University.

  • Assist Flinders staff to develop their communication skills.
  • Provide mentoring and advice to those already dealing with media and training forthose who aspire to.
  • Strategic oversight of communications,supporting staff and student activitiesand ensuring the Flinders community is well informed.


Karen Ashford, Director, Media and Communications

Karen is the media team leader, responsible for overseeing the University’s strategic communications, media liaison, speechwriting, and content and editorial management of publications.


Tania Bawden, Journalist

Tania's primary role is to write media releases, with a strong focus on publicising and promoting the University's research, teaching and community activities. She provides liaison for the mainstream media in sourcing commentators and experts from Flinders. Tania also contributes articles to Flinders publications.