Online Communications

Antonia Malavazos, Head, Online Communications

Antonia is responsible for leading the development and implementation of online strategies that are integrated with marketing, news and media, and alumni and development strategies.

This includes the strategic management of the brand on the Flinders University website, the development of web content solutions for University-wide marketing and communications content, and the development and implementation of integrated social media initiatives.

She also liaises with other areas of the University on online-related matters and coordinates the activities of the team in providing support, tools and assistance with web content publishing and online communication.


Timea Kovacs, Online Content Coordinator

Timea prepares and provides support in the publishing of online content (website, blogs, online event system). She manages the day-to-day running of the University's main social media accounts (inc Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare) promoting and creating further publicity for the University's news and events and provides recommendations on the best practice of social media tools and their use as part of an integrated marketing and communications approach.

In addition, she analyses the success of online initiatives through the use of Google Analytics and sets up and maintains some forms of online advertising (inc Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns) and external email marketing campaigns.


Leigh Cosma, Web Designer/Developer


Leigh provides front-end web development services that contribute to the University's use of online marketing platforms. These include the University's content management system, other purpose-built applications developed by the Online Communications team, the University's blogs system and email templates. Leigh's services focus mainly on template design and aesthetics but also extend to an administrative role with the blog system.

Tyson Beck, Web Graphic Designer

Tyson's role is to develop web graphic design solutions for the consistent application of the Flinders University brand across the website and other forms of online communications. This involves developing graphic design solutions for web templates and web graphics to support online content on the website and in the social media.

Tyson also contributes to a range of marketing and communications activities by supporting the Marketing and Communications Office with specialised graphic design services that extend to such things as merchandise and publications.

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