Media Monitoring

OCE's News and Media unit prepares a daily (PDF) summary of news items which mention or reference Flinders University and Flinders people. The summary is prepared through a media monitoring service called iSentia.

The iSentia daily summary includes clippings of press articles from national and local print media, as well as giving a precis of television and radio coverage.

Media monitoring allows you to keep abreast of what is being published or broadcast about your  work, colleagues and areas of expertise and to get a picture of the general position of Flinders in the wider community. As a profile building tool, it allows you to track and keep records of your own media exposure.

Media monitoring also enables you to evaluate the success of your initiatives, projects and other profile raising activities.

The iSentia report is compiled and made available to staff at the beginning of each working day, helping you to be prepared for any questions or opportunities that may arise out of media exposure.

If you would like to subscribe to the daily media monitoring report email or if you would like to access previous issues please contact the News and Media team.

Television coverage in which Flinders is the main focus of the story can be found on Flinders YouTube Channel.