Media training and support

Marketing and Communications (OCE) News and Media is committed to providing professional support for the Flinders community to effectively work with the media. In order to do so, we've developed the following resources:

  • Media FAQs
  • group media training sessions
  • a media release template and guide 

Media training

The OCE News and Media team comprises three experienced journalists who are keen to share their knowledge and skills with Flinders' researchers and teaching staff. The media training module offered by OCE Media aims to demystify the media, explain the way it works and provide staff with the skills and confidence to engage effectively with journalists across the print, broadcast and internet media.

Participants in the media training will learn how to:

  • identify news and newsworthiness
  • present stories in that attract the media's attention
  • respond in interviews confidently
  • draft effective media releases.

Training involves hands on exercises undertaken with live stories from participants and presenters. 

Each session culminates with mock television interviews that are recorded, replayed and analysed by the News and Media team.  Past experience indicates that participants find these interviews terrifying and fun in equal parts. But participants almost always emerge with a greater understanding of the media and the confidence to deal with it.

Bookings of a minimum of three and a maximum of five participants in each session can be arranged by contacting the News and Media team.

Media Release template

The aim of the media release template is to provide a framework for Flinders people to create their own media releases. The template comes with step-by-step instructions for writing newsworthy and interesting pieces that will gain the attention of the press. We've also provided some sample media releases as guides to how a finished document will look.