The Flinders University web style is achieved through the provision of website templates and associated style sheets. These templates have been designed and developed to incorporate the Flinders University brand (bold and inspiring), meet user and stakeholder requirements and achieve consistency and standards across the Flinders University website.

These templates are administered through the University’s content management system (CMS) and guidelines are provided for software developers who need to apply the web styles to web applications that sit outside of the CMS.

Web Style Guide

The Web Style Guide provides a comprehensive and functional understanding of the Flinders web templates.

Download the Web Style Guide (PDF 1MB) .

Does this web style guide apply to all Flinders University sites?

The web style guide applies to all sites that represent internal wholly-owned Flinders University ‘branded house areas’ (ie Faculties, Administration areas and Centres and Institutes), as defined in the Flinders University Style Guide.

Variations to the standard templates and style sheets apply to co-brands (that use the CMS) and in specific instances based on the approval of the Marketing and Communications Office. In these instances, the underlying structures apply.

User Guide

The following 2 pages provide a user guide for CMS Publishers and Editors on how to apply use the features in the CMS to apply the styles as outlined in the Web Style Guide: