Creating publications

For the purposes of this guide, the term publication refers to any print material designed to promote or represent Flinders and Flinders people either internally, to students, or in the wider community. 

The Office of Communication and Engagement (OCE) provides support with your publications in one of two ways:

  • help creating your own publication
  • collaborative production of publications with approved content.

Creating your own publication

With self-sufficiency in mind, OCE and Flinders Press have created flexible templates that can be used by any staff member to create various publications for work related purposes.  These are:

We ask that you read through the Pre-production Checklist (PDF 36KB).  We also recommend reading the guides to using the templates that are available with each download bundle. For guidelines on how to apply various aspects of Flinders brand, please refer to the Flinders University Style Guide.

Collaborative production

For assistance with in-depth and multiple page publications, or high profile publications, please read our Pre-production Checklist (PDF 37KB) prior to contacting the Marketing team.