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Next MDPP Event 

The next MDPP networking event will be held in October 2015.  Date and topic will be advised soon.


IPAS Medical Technologies Sector Workshop

Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing will be holding a Medical Technologies Sector Workshop on Tuesday 20 October 2015, 2:45pm-5:30pm.

The event will be an opportunity to learn more about IPAS and their capabilities in the medtech area.  Hear case studies from companies who are already working with IPAS including Trajan Scientific and Medical. They will also discuss new sensing technologies for the medtech sector and 3D metal printing for rapid prototyping, orthopaedics and specialised parts.

For more information about the event including a program for the afternoon, and to register for the event, click here.


Madderns @ Tonsley

The MDPP is pleased to announce our collaboration with Madderns Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys at Flinders University at Tonsley.

Madderns Patent Attorney Chris Wilkinson will be based at Tonsley on a fortnightly basis to provide free intellectual property educational seminars and general intellectual property drop-in and initial consultation services to Flinders University researchers, MTP clients and the wider Tonsley precinct community. 

This collaboration will allow the MDPP to further enhance its services to clients by providing specific IP resources to its clients and promote IP more broadly to the University and businesses located at Tonsley, to foster more interaction and collaboration between these groups.

The following seminars are open to all Tonsley precinct tenants, MDRI members and clients of the Medical Technologies Program. We invite you to make the most of this free resource.

PDF copies of ALL seminars will be made available on the Madderns website here.


Madders Tonsley IP Seminar Series

To register for any of the following seminars, please email tonsley@madderns.com.au

  • Intellectual Property 101 - Types of IP protection, and Introduction to Patents - Tue, 28 April 2015 - PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • Novelty, Obviousness and Publication Issues - Tue, 26 May 2015, 12-1pm - PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • Inventorship v/s Ownership & Working with Your Patent Attorney, 23 June 2015 - PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • Patent Searching, Infringement, Enforcement & Freedom to Operate - 21 July 2015 - PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • Patent Examination Process & Patenting Overseas Room - 18 August 2015 PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • The Different Types of Patents and Designs - 15 September 2015 - PDF copy of presentation now available click here
  • Trademarks & Trade Secrets - 13 October 2015 - Register NOW tonsley@madderns.com.au


To view past events, please refer to our 'News' page.





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