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MDPP Networking Event

Establishing a Sustainable Telehealth Business Model in Australia

The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) at Flinders University are pleased to invite you to our next FREE networking event:

Monday 9th May, 3-5pm

Flinders @ Tonsley
1284 South Road 
Clovelly Park

As part of this event, Frost & Sullivan will present on 'Establishing a Sustainable Telehealth Business Model in Australia'. 

The Telehealth industry in Australia is developing rapidly under the influence of evolving government regulations and increasing awareness amongst physicians and consumers about the benefits of "healthy care" versus "sick care". However, industry sustainability heavily depends on the establishment of a successful private sector that can generate and fulfil demand independently, without relying on government incentives and subsidies. Both multinationals and domestic Australian companies are devising business models that leverage innovative sources of funding. This presentation covers an outlook on the Telehealth industry in Australia over the next five years with a focus on some successful business models in the country.

Register to debbie.cocks@flinders.edu.au



AusMedtech 2016


AusMedtech 2016 will be held on 10 - 11 May 2016 in Adelaide .

AusMedTech is Australia's premier medical technology conference for medtech executives, providing business partnering opportunities for decision-makers. It brings together key stakeholders of the Australian and international medical devices and diagnostics sector to discuss the major factors in global medtech success.  

The conference will provide information to help you plot your course to global success, targeting key commercial issues such as export opportunities, finance and investment, hot technologies and updates in the fields of IP, regulatory approvals, health economics and reimbursement and sales networks. AusMedtech 2016 will provide real information that participants can use in their businesses, with the opportunity to come together and learn from colleagues who share the challenges associated with this sector.

The MDPP will have a stand at the conference so be sure to come by and say hi and find out more about our Program.

To find out more details please go to the AusMedTech website.



Insider Tips For Navigating the US Patent Process 



BioSA will be presenting a seminar by Todd Martin (Director, Eagar & Martin Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys) for researchers and companies seeking information on protecting their IP in the US marketplace.

The workshop will include:

  • Overview of the patent process (conception to global protection)
  • Identifying what is really the invention (and why it matters)
  • Important tips for cost-effective patent protection in the U.S.
  • Extensive Q & A

The seminar will be held on Monday 4th July 2016 from 12.30pm - 2.30pm.

Please click here for further information and to register. 



Madderns @ Tonsley

The MDPP is pleased to announce our collaboration with Madderns Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys at Flinders University at Tonsley.

Madderns Patent Attorney Chris Wilkinson will be based at Tonsley on a fortnightly basis to provide free intellectual property educational seminars and general intellectual property drop-in and initial consultation services to Flinders University researchers, MTP clients and the wider Tonsley precinct community. 

This collaboration will allow the MDPP to further enhance its services to clients by providing specific IP resources to its clients and promote IP more broadly to the University and businesses located at Tonsley, to foster more interaction and collaboration between these groups.

The following seminars are open to all Tonsley precinct tenants, MDRI members and clients of the Medical Technologies Program. We invite you to make the most of this free resource.

PDF copies of ALL seminars will be made available on the Madderns website here.


Madders Tonsley IP Seminar Series

To register for any of the following seminars, please email tonsley@madderns.com.au

  • March 29th – Intellectual Property 101 – Types of IP protection, and Introduction to Patents
  • April 26th – Novelty, Obviousness and Publication Issues
  • May 24th – Determining Inventors and Owners, and Working with a Patent Attorney
  • June 21st – Patent Searching, Infringement, and Freedom to Operate
  • July 19th – The Patenting Process in Detail – Taking On The World
  • Aug 30th – The Different Types of Patents and Registered Designs
  • Sept 27th – Trade Marks and Trade Secrets


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