How can you get involved?

The MDPP relies on the involvement of:

  • researchers from diverse disciplines (e.g. engineering, mathematics, physics, software, chemistry, health sciences)
  • clinicians or client service groups who can identify and understand the practical relevance of medical devices and assistive technologies
  • companies with relevant manufacturing or marketing capabilities interested in expanding product lines

Those involved in the program can benefit from:

  • engagement and collaboration in an innovative research program
  • new product ideas, which will be demonstrated through tangible concept models
  • access to R&D capabilities (including shared facilities and resources) and expertise
  • streamlined process for product development, IP management and knowledge transfer
  • business and product development advice
  • opportunities and advice to leverage further funding sources
  • realisation of medical devices with an identified clinical need, sound technical solution and viable market opportunity

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Or contact us directly:

Medical Device Partnering Program

c/o Flinders University
School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8201 5977