Medical Device Partnering Program

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The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) supports the development of cutting-edge medical devices through unique collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government.

The program facilitates the development of medical devices by coordinating the efforts of key stakeholders. It provides a mechanism for the development of prototypes, proof of concept and/or commercialisation planning for potential Australian medical device products. We have a particular focus on finding solutions for clinicians, the ageing and the disabled.

Medical devices provide Australia with the opportunity to position itself in a growing global market, taking advantage of current research and manufacturing capability across the nation.


"The MDPP is possibly the best model for fostering University/Industry collaboration that I have encountered in an Australian University" - Dr Steven Farrugia (Vice President, Technology) - ResMed Ltd

MDPP to deliver new Medical Technologies Program

Formally announced in August 2013, the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) has received funding for the next three years from the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) to facilitate the delivery of the Manufacturing Works, Medical Technologies Program.

Under the Medical Technologies Program, companies, commercial enterprises or an individual who agrees to form such an entity, with a current or proposed connection to South Australia, can benefit from R&D assistance through the MDPP.

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 Watch this video to learn more about the MDPP and hear one example of how the MDPP assisted South Australian company NVT Systems Pty Ltd to develop a new product for their portfolio.

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Prototype pillow to help reduce suffocation fears

People with epilepsy may soon be able to sleep a little easier, thanks to new research carried out by a team at Repatriation General Hospital and Flinders University.

The research, prompted by the Epilepsy Association of SA and NT and funded by the Medical Device Partnering Program, tested the effectiveness of a prototype anti-suffocation pillow designed to reduce the risk of suffocation which can sometimes occur as a result of an epileptic seizure.

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Tuesday 17 June 2014, 7.30am
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MDPP to deliver new Medical Technologies Program

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