The MDPP is currently administering the Medical Technologies Program (MTP) on behalf of the Government of South Australia.

Projects supported through the MTP include:

  • A first aid foldable, waterproof splint to stabilise and support arm fractures
  • An intelligent compression device to provide patients with improved and tailored lower limb compression in hospital after major surgery to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Design of a new nasal drug delivery device, which will allow quick and safe delivery of pain relief and other medications in emergency situations
  • A portable Post-Operative Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device – Maxm Skate prototype to enable rehabilitation and strengthening exercises at home
  • An ultrasensitive Hand Held Cancer Probe to detect small amounts of clinically introduced magnetic particles in lymph nodes during cancer biopsies
  • A new dental x-ray device integrating for a more targeted and faster x-ray process for specialised and general dentistry
  • The design and prototyping of a low level dental laser therapy device to prevent dentin hypersensitivity
  • Qualitative assessment of a new bed frame to assist people in sit-to-stand transfers
  • Modernisation of the SimTools - a suite of diagnostic tools that can be used on actors or basic manikins to provide simulated physiological information (vital signs) to healthcare students as it is normally recorded in real cases
  • Design and prototyping of Hydralert to provide real time measurements of urine specific gravity (an indicator of hydration) to assist the management of hydration policies in the mining and construction sector
  • Design of a new laryngoscope for AMNY Medical that would negate patients’ neck extension for a linear airway access
  • Design and prototype of a new surgical instrument which will enable bone graft delivery during minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures.
  • Design and development of a proof-of-concept prototype which will enable efficient and effective single person operation of a bag valve mask emergency ventilator.
  • Research and development to enhance the effectiveness of new 'rhythm map' tool to guide treatment and improve outcomes for patients with atrial fibrillation, a leading global cause of hospitalisations. The MTP project will also develop an advanced working prototype suitable for clinical trials.