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Opportunities for Northern Territory applicants

The Flinders medical course is offered in the Northern Territory through the NT Medical Program (NTMP). It has provided opportunities for NT residents to study in their local environment since 2011.

Northern Territory Government bonded medical places may be available and are associated with a four year Return of Service Obligation (ROSO) in the NT after graduation.



Preference is given to students who are NT residents and Indigenous Territorians. Other Australians may apply and will be considered if there are insufficient numbers of eligible NT and/or Indigenous applicants.

A NT resident is defined as a person who, at the time of commencement of the medical course, is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and who has:

  • resided with a permanent address in the Northern Territory for a total of at least two years out of the last six years; or
  • resided with a permanent address in the Northern Territory for a total of at least five years since commencing primary school.

For non-Indigenous applicants to the NTMP, the admissions process is similar to that for applications to the program in Adelaide.

How to apply

To apply for entry into the NTMP, as part of your application, you must:

  • indicate a preference for the NTMP; and,
  • where appropriate, provide a Statutory Declaration stating how you meet NT residency requirements.

In your application you may state your wish to be considered for the medical course in SA and/or NT, with an indication of which location is your first preference.


Indigenous applicants

Indigenous applicants may apply for these places via the Indigenous Entry Stream.



More information


Flinders MD Admissions Guide 2018 (Version 2) (PDF 1MB)


Information for:

Indigenous applicants

Visiting medical students


Information about:

Flinders Rural Health SA

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Application feedback

Each year Flinders receives more applications to study medicine than the number of places it has to fill. Inevitably, there are a large number of applicants who are therefore disappointed to learn that they have not been offered a place. While we recognise this disappointment, due to the number of applicants we do not provide you with detailed feedback about your application or components thereof.


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