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Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health

The Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH) is an international leader and innovator in sleep research.

We have an international reputation for research into sleep disorders, their causes, consequences and in the development of new treatments to improve patient outcomes. Two particular strengths of our research programs are in sleep apnoea and insomnia.

We are also a multi-disciplinary team of qualified and experienced health professionals that provide world-class services to patients with a wide range of sleep disorders.

The AISH team based at the Mark Oliphant Building includes sleep physicians, specialist nurses, psychologists, a psychiatrist, a dentist, Ear Nose Throat-sleep apnoea surgeons, technologists, scientists, administrative staff and postgraduate students.

We are located at Mark Oliphant Building, Level 2, Building A, 5 Laffer Drive, Bedford Park 5042.

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